Ruth’s great grandmother, Emily Sears married John Frank Templeton on 29 June 1873.   Their first child, Hermon was born in 1874 and Fred in 1876.   Sadly, John died sometime in 1879, leaving Emily with two young children, 5 and 3, at the age of 23. Emily disappears from the Templeton family story for the next 53 years, until her death in 1932, when she is buried with her parents in the cemetery in Willimantic, Maine.

Frank went to live with John Frank’s older brother, Enoch and his new bride, Calista.  Herman went to live with Calista’s parents.  Over time we have found a few of the pieces of the puzzle of Emily’s missing 53 years.   You can find more information on a page which summarizes our questions and some answers we have found.