Welcome to Bob’s Genealogy Quest  – a place where I share my search for the stories of those whose threads weave the fabric of our lives.

Bob and his grandmothers
about 1950

Like so many, I wish I had had the knowledge and insights to ask the questions while my grandmothers were alive.   Now with the help of so many others as we discover more parts of their stories, I appreciate and respect so deeply the hard work, the courage and sacrifices that have contributed to our families today.

On these pages I plan to share some of these stories, blog about my searches, and reflect on my search for how to most effectively build out this site.

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  1. Welcome to the geneablogging world. Best of luck.


  2. Bob, I love what you did with the place! Great pictures and I am so jealous that you were in one of my favorite state of Maine!! See you soon. Great blog. You need to teach me how to do it too. Pam

  3. Just discovered your wonderful blog. And discovered that I am related to your wife. Angie Stiles was my 3rd cousin 3 times removed. I am further linked through her mother, Matilda Jane Estabrooks (my maternal grandmother was an Estabrooks). Thank you for sharing your story. It’s nice to have a few more bits of info added to my own genealogical puzzle.

    I look forward to reading even more,

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