Rollason Family


Rev. Herbert Duncan Rollason

Rev, Herbert Duncan Rollason (1886-1947)

Herbert Duncan Rollason was born on 1 Jan 1886 to Rev. Alfred Rollason and Susan E Hunt in Saffron Walden, Essex, England where Alfred served as pastor of the Baptist Church.

Herbert came to the United States when he was 19.   After graduating from Brown University, he studied for the ministry at Andover Theological Seminary in Cambridge,MA, graduating in 1916.   He was ordained in the Congregational Church and served parishes in Hanover and Middletown, CT.

Herbert married Susan Hervey Wales on 16 May 1916 in Beverly, Essex, MA.  Herbert died on 18 Apr 1947.

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  1. March 7th 2012


    I am the Church Archivist of Saffron Walden Baptist Church Saffrion Walden Essex, England
    living at
    35 Four Acres Saffron Walden Essex CB11 3JD England UK
    of which Church I have been a member since 1955, and Archivist since 1974

    My late mother Alice who died in 2003 aged 98 recalls being a member of Amy Gertrude Rollason’s Sunday school teacher’s preparation class when Mum was 16, about 1918.
    My father Sydney was chauffeur to Edward William Trew, Church Treasurer, husband of Nellie Irene Rollason I too was Church Treasurer in the 1977-1983 period when we re-organised the old 18th century chapel that Alfred had made into a purpose built Sunday School. The classrooms are now an enlarged entrance hall with a lift, and offices for the Administrator and the Minister, We had a second floor put in for our youth organisations. The whole complex has in recent weeks been redecorated.

    I have been working on the Rollason family for a couple who attended a recent funeral service who have in their possession the birth certificate of Harold Rollason – Herbert Duncan’s older brother Why they have it we don’t yet know. Maybe they are related.

    The chapel built by their father Rev Aflred Rollason still stands although in 2004 we had the interior completely redesigned, getting rid of the 1879 pews and pulpit, sending the Organ off on quite a journey to where it is now played in a Roman Catholic church in a village in Bavaria, the communion furniture went to a church on the Essex coast, at Walton on the Naze, and now we use comfortable chairs from the USA imported through a Scottish firm. The original casting on the gallery rail casted by Alfred still exists and a hymn book trolley commemorates Amy Gertrude.

    The Church has 102 members with a Diaconate of 12, about 80 regular non-members, 45 of them very active, about 30 children and 12 teenagers, plus a Boys’ Brigade Company.
    We are currentky seeking our 19th pastor

    The Audley Road Manse Herbert was born in was sold in 1968 and a new one bought on the outskirts of town, but the present owner of the old Manse is a retired Anglican C of E missionary to Zambia.

    Thank you for the information here.

    Our church history story is on or on or via the Church Web site

    Kind regards

    John Maddams

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