Nantucket – Our Whaling Connections

Whaleboat conducts attach, while whaling vessel in background is "trying out" (rendering) blubber into oil. (Photo: Library of Congress)

Whaleboat conducts attack, while whaling vessel in background is “trying out” (rendering) blubber into oil. (Photo: Library of Congress)


Several family members of Mary Elizabeth Easton (1779-1838) were actively involved in Nantucket’s historic whaling activity.

Her great grandfather, Captain Daniel Paddack (1707-1743), was lost at sea with his crew while whaling in 1743.

Her grandfather, George Hussey (1738-1804) had ownership in at least two whaling vessels:  the Harlequin and the Mary Ann.   When we visited Nantucket in 2009, I found a copy of a bill of sale for a 1/16th interest in the Mary Ann -from George Hussey to his son-in law, Peleg Easton, Mary’s father in 1789, the same year that our US Constitution was ratified.  The handwritten document is interesting to read.   The ship was provisioned and ready for a “Whaling cruize to the Coast of the Cape of Good Hope” (southern horn of Africa).

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