Looking for William Inhoff’s Birthplace – Maps


One of my Continuing Quests is to find the birthplace of my grandfather, William Andrew Inhoff,  (1877 – 1918) – see this page for details.

For the reasons outlined, I am focusing my search at this point on an area between Frankfurt and Fulda in Hesse in Germany.

Area Northeast of Frankfurt, Germany


The distance from Frankfurt to Fulda is about 50-60 miles.  Oberkalbach, just south of Fulda is an area from which many Germans emigrated to Hardin County, Ohio.   Others came from the Freiensteinau area.

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This zoomed-in map of the area above in the rectangle shows Freiensteinau, along with Reinhards and Hintersteinau.   Church records from Hardin County show Resch’s from Reinhards.   Other records show Leibolds from Hintersteinau.




















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