We all have those intriguing and/or perplexing questions about our families.   Here are a few of my top questions.   As I continue developing this site, I will flesh out the questions and the journeys that I have pursued.

  1. William Andrew Inhoff – came to the US from Germany when he was fourteen.   Where in Prussia was he born?  Who were his parents?
  2. Emily Sears Templeton, b. 1856 in Piscataquis County, Maine.   Where did she go after the death of her husband, John Frank Templeton in 1879?
  3. Parents of Diana Woods, b. 1814 in Licking County, Ohio.   Found!  George and Susannah Woods who came from Rockingham or Shenandoah County, VA.   Now to know more.
  4. Parents of Nicholas Kimble, b. 1827 in Guernsey County, Ohio
  5. Parents of Elizabeth Evans, b 1830, perhaps in Delaware County, Ohio;  wife of Ralph Minter, b 1821 in Delaware County, Oh; died 1881 in Hardin County, Ohio  Found: John Evans (1803-1884) and Maria Cochran (1809-1861)