From a Goff Family Summer Home to a Sonoma Winery

(Is a Goff family ghost still there?)

On a trip to California in June, we visited the Chateau St. Jean Vineyards in quiet, scenic Kenwood, located in the Sonoma valley.  While we are familiar with some of their wines, we wanted to see Chateau St. Jean because of its history.   The winery is built around the […]

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Will of Rev. Abner Goff (1782-1857)

In the mail today I received  the will of Abner Goff  (1782-1857).  For more than three decades Abner Goff was  a Methodist Circuit Rider, serving churches in central and north central Ohio.

For me three things about the experience of discovering this will are worth noting.  First, I discovered its existence by examining the Ohio Probate Records […]

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How Searching Google Books Led Me to More Goff Family Records

For the last several years part of my research has focused on Licking County, Ohio, about 30 miles east of Columbus.  There my 3rd Great Grandfather, Abner Goff and his father, Daniel purchased 200 acres for $1,000 in 1813 after moving from Clarendon, Rutland, Vermont.  In a search for “Abner Goff” in Google Books I discovered several references to an Ohio Appeals Court Case which addressed a dispute over land where an individual died intestate.

The subject Abner Goff (grandson of my Abner and cousin to my great grandfather) died in 1896 without a will and with no children.  According to Ohio law his 162 acres passed to his widow, Martha. Martha died with a will, but the will did not address the disposition of the land, only granting a life estate to Martha’s brother, Ensley Finney Hass.    The dispute arose at death of Mr. Haas as to the proper distribution of the property.  The Goff family claimed that under Ohio law they were entitled to one half of the land.  Mr. Hass’s heirs disputed this.  Hence this court case.

What makes this case interesting to me is not the details of the argument from a court case more than a century ago, but what I found when I visited the Recorder’s Office in Licking County a few years ago.  As a young person Abner’s brother, Gilbert B. Goff, moved from Licking County, Ohio to Michigan and had great success in lumber and other businesses.   In 1911 as this dispute was headed to court, Gilbert Goff executed a quit claim relinquishing his claims to this property and giving it to the heirs of his brother, Zara Goff and their sister, Mary Goff Lampson.   What’s interesting is that he lists fourteen of his known nieces (with their married names) and nephews as we see in a transcription of the document below. […]

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Church Record Sunday – Rev. Abner Goff (1782-1857)

One of my most cherished church records is a tribute to my 3rd great grandfather, Rev. Abner Goff, published in the Minutes of the Ohio Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1857, the year of his death.  Born in 1782 in Vermont, the Goff family came to Ohio in 1813, purchasing land in […]

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Rev. Abner Goff (1782-1857)

Memoir of Rev. Abner Goff

 Published in the Minutes of the Ohio Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church,  1857,  located at the Archives of Ohio United Methodism, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH 

“Rev. Abner Goff was born in Shaftsbury, in the state of Vermont, November 4, 1782.  Of his early life and religious training, we have no means of […]

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Goff Family

Lucius (Lucas) Bento Goff was born on 4 Feb 1841 in Alexandria, Licking, Ohio to Vernon (Varnam) Goff and Diana Woods.  Lucius’ family moved to Madison and then Union counties in Ohio.

On 3 Feb 1862 Lucius married  Sarah Martin in Madison County, Ohio.    One son, Harry E Goff, was born.

Lucius served in the Civil War in […]

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