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Mt Kineo on Mooshead Lake, Maine

Today the weather was perfect as we took Ruth’s mother, Ruth Templeton Rollason, back to Kineo, an  island on Moosehead Lake in Maine where she lived all of her childhood summers.  The shuttle captain loaned us his golf cart so that we could see the island.  We had the best guide – Ruth’s mom – who reminisced about her 17 summers here.

Kineo was a destination resort from the 1850’s until the 1930’s.  In 1903 young Angie Stiles and her sister Martha came from Amherst, Nova Scotia to work at the Kineo Resort.   Fred Templeton was a guide for the guests who wanted to hunt and fish.  He also looked after the boats for families who summered here.

A year later Fred and Angie married in Greenville where they made their winter home.  When school was out, Fred and Angie took their family to Kineo for the summer.

Fred leased land on a small island where he built a modest summer cabin for his family.

Island in Kineo Cove where the Templeton family lived during the summer

The resort is long gone.  Today there is a public golf course, a state park, and many beautiful summer homes.

Templeton Family


Fred Frank Templeton

Fred Frank Templeton

Fred Frank Templeton was born on 15 Feb 1876 in Milo, Piscataquis, ME to John Frank Templeton and Emily Sears.  On 9 Nov 1904 Fred married Angie Stiles in Greenville, Piscataquis, Maine.

Angie Templeton died in Greenville on 18 Apr 1927.  Fred married Evangeline Masterman on 13 June 1945.  He died in Greenville on 9 October 1952.

Fred and his brother Hermon were noted guides on scenic Moosehead Lake in Maine.  In the winter he built canoes.