Silas and Elizabeth Estabrooks – A Tombstone Tuesday Post

Along a country road just a few files north of Sackville, New Brunswick, lies the Midgic Cemetery, the burial place for many members of the Estabrooks family, including Silas and Elizabeth.

Silas Estabrooks, a farmer, was born in this area in 1811 and died February 20, 1895.  His great grandfather, William Estabrooks, came to Canada from Rhode […]

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John Kilborn (1651-1711) – a 300 Year Journey Back Home – a Tombstone Tuesday Post

300 years ago this week (November 25, 1711) John Kilborn, one of the founders of Glastonbury, CT died.

According to a family history , John was instrumental in providing the land and building the parsonage for the first pastor, a requisite for establishing a new town.   His father and grandfather arrived in Connecticut in 1635 and […]

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The New England Planters

This year marks the 250th anniversary of a courageous group of people who left Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts to seek a new home in Nova Scotia and what is now eastern New Brunswick.   Called the “New England Planters”, more than 8,000 people responded to an invitation of Governor Lawrence to come to Nova Scotia […]

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Stiles Family

Anginetta “Angie” Stiles was born in Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, CA on 19 Sep 1882 to David M Stiles and Matilda Jane Estabrooks.

Angie and her sister, Martha Stiles, came to Maine in about 1903 to work at the Kineo Resort on Moosehead Lake in Maine.   Angie married Fred Frank Templeton on 9 Nov 1904 in Greenville, […]

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