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Along a country road just a few files north of Sackville, New Brunswick, lies the Midgic Cemetery, the burial place for many members of the Estabrooks family, including Silas and Elizabeth.

Silas and Elizabeth Estabrooks, Midgic Cemetery, New Brunswick

Silas Estabrooks, a farmer, was born in this area in 1811 and died February 20, 1895.  His great grandfather, William Estabrooks, came to Canada from Rhode Island as a young boy with his mother and step father.

Elizabeth Trerice Estabrooks was born in 1817, daughter of Elisha Trerice and Anna. Elizabeth’s great-great grandparents, Samuel Porter and Remember Makepeace came to Nova Scotia from Lebanon, CT in 1761, part of the New England Planters (see description.)

Silas and Elizabeth’s daughter, Matilda Jane Estabrooks was the mother of Angie Stiles, Ruth’s grandmother.

Midgic Cemetery, north of Sackville in eastern New Brunswick

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Nov 222011
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300 years ago this week (November 25, 1711) John Kilborn, one of the founders of Glastonbury, CT died.

Here lieth the body of Mr. Jn Kilborn, who died November y 25th 1711 in ye 60th year of His age.

According to a family history [1], John was instrumental in providing the land and building the parsonage for the first pastor, a requisite for establishing a new town.   His father and grandfather arrived in Connecticut in 1635 and were active leaders in Wethersfield, just across the Connecticut River.  John Kilbourn is buried at the Glastonbury Green Cemetery.

What makes this story special to our family is that my wife, Ruth, grew up just 10 miles southwest of Glastonbury in Middletown.   Until recently, however, she had no idea that one of her ancestors (her 7th great grandfather) had lived so near.  As we have traced her family history, her line goes to Greenville, Maine where Fred Templeton and Angie Stiles were married.  Angie was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia, where our story ended until the last few years.

What we discovered in 2004 was that the Stiles family, along with several of Angie’s other ancestors, were New England Planters, a group of 8,000 people from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island who moved to Nova Scotia before the Revolution to claim offers of free land from the British.   After expelling the French-speaking Acadians, they were desperate for farmers to settle the lands.

A large group of these New England Planters came from the area around Hebron and Lebanon, Connecticut,  just 15-20 miles east of Glastonbury.  Among these were Nathan Stiles, Jr. and Kesiah Kilbourne, the great granddaughter of John.

The map outlines the chapters in this 300 year story.  As we learn more and more about the stories of vision, courage and struggles of our ancestors, I appreciate how deeply indebted we are to them in so many ways.

Click here for a larger view of the map.


1)  Kilbourn, Payne Kenyon, The Family Memorial: a History and Genealogy of the Kilbourn family in the United States and Canada from the Year 1635 to the Present Time, Hartford, Connecticut, Brown and Parsons, 1845 as accessed on Google Books.

Stiles Family


Anginetta (Angie) Stiles

Anginetta “Angie” Stiles was born in Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia, CA on 19 Sep 1882 to David M Stiles and Matilda Jane Estabrooks.

Angie and her sister, Martha Stiles, came to Maine in about 1903 to work at the Kineo Resort on Moosehead Lake in Maine.   Angie married Fred Frank Templeton on 9 Nov 1904 in Greenville, Piscataquis, Maine.

Angie died on 18 April 1927 in Greenvlle at the age of 44.

More on Anginetta Stiles:


Tracing Angie’s Roots” – the story of our trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 2004.

Notes of Interest in Angie’s family (to be developed)

  • Both of her parents were descendants of New England Planters, a group of American colonists who left Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts to settle Nova Scotia and what is now eastern New Brunswick in 1761.
  • Angie was a descendant of Ann Pudeator, a victim of the Salem (MA) witch trials who was hanged on 22 Sep 1692.