Adam Templeton – deed to son, Samuel – 1836

Having just returned from a wonderful vacation to Greenville, ME , we delight in the time we were able to spend with Ruth’s mother in the town where she grew up.   I also had an opportunity to  visit the courthouses in Bangor, Penobscot County and Dover-Foxcroft, Piscataquis County.    Over the next several days I look […]

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“The Biographical Notes of Nana”

We recently had the opportunity to look through a drawer of  “memories” during a recent visit with Ruth’s uncle.   One of the treasures was a spiral notebook written by Ruth’s great grandmother, Mabel Louise Hervey (1863-1960), wife of George Rogers Wales and mother of Susan Hervey Wales Rollason.

Mabel was born to  Rev. John Easton […]

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Looking for William Inhoff’s Birthplace – Maps

One of my Continuing Quests is to find the birthplace of my grandfather, William Andrew Inhoff,  (1877 – 1918) – see this page for details.

For the reasons outlined, I am focusing my search at this point on an area between Frankfurt and Fulda in Hesse in Germany.


The distance from Frankfurt to Fulda is about 50-60 […]

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Silas and Elizabeth Estabrooks – A Tombstone Tuesday Post

Along a country road just a few files north of Sackville, New Brunswick, lies the Midgic Cemetery, the burial place for many members of the Estabrooks family, including Silas and Elizabeth.

Silas Estabrooks, a farmer, was born in this area in 1811 and died February 20, 1895.  His great grandfather, William Estabrooks, came to Canada from Rhode […]

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John Kilborn (1651-1711) – a 300 Year Journey Back Home – a Tombstone Tuesday Post

300 years ago this week (November 25, 1711) John Kilborn, one of the founders of Glastonbury, CT died.

According to a family history , John was instrumental in providing the land and building the parsonage for the first pastor, a requisite for establishing a new town.   His father and grandfather arrived in Connecticut in 1635 and […]

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The New England Planters

This year marks the 250th anniversary of a courageous group of people who left Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts to seek a new home in Nova Scotia and what is now eastern New Brunswick.   Called the “New England Planters”, more than 8,000 people responded to an invitation of Governor Lawrence to come to Nova Scotia […]

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Harry Carl Templeton (1880 – 1968)

Several weeks ago I posted about my ongoing search for more of the story of Emma (Emily) Sears Templeton Jenkins.  More detail on my search for Emma is found on this page which explains our search for the missing 53 years of of the story of my wife’s great grandmother.  One of the tasks I listed […]

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Job Lane House (1713) – Bedford, MA

Job Lane (1689-1762)

   On a sunny August Sunday afternoon in 2008, Ruth and I visited a home first built by Ruth’s 7thgreat-grandfather, Job Lane (1689-1762).   Located on the Old North Road, just north of

Bedford,  Massachusetts, the home was built by Job Lane for his bride, Martha Ruggles at the time of their wedding in 1713.  […]

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Church Record Sunday – Rev. Abner Goff (1782-1857)

One of my most cherished church records is a tribute to my 3rd great grandfather, Rev. Abner Goff, published in the Minutes of the Ohio Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1857, the year of his death.  Born in 1782 in Vermont, the Goff family came to Ohio in 1813, purchasing land in […]

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Rev. Abner Goff (1782-1857)

Memoir of Rev. Abner Goff

 Published in the Minutes of the Ohio Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church,  1857,  located at the Archives of Ohio United Methodism, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH 

“Rev. Abner Goff was born in Shaftsbury, in the state of Vermont, November 4, 1782.  Of his early life and religious training, we have no means of […]

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