Looking for William Inhoff’s Birthplace – Maps


One of my Continuing Quests is to find the birthplace of my grandfather, William Andrew Inhoff,  (1877 – 1918) – see this page for details.

For the reasons outlined, I am focusing my search at this point on an area between Frankfurt and Fulda in Hesse in Germany.

Area Northeast of Frankfurt, Germany


The distance from Frankfurt to Fulda is about 50-60 miles.  Oberkalbach, just south of Fulda is an area from which many Germans emigrated to Hardin County, Ohio.   Others came from the Freiensteinau area.

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This zoomed-in map of the area above in the rectangle shows Freiensteinau, along with Reinhards and Hintersteinau.   Church records from Hardin County show Resch’s from Reinhards.   Other records show Leibolds from Hintersteinau.




















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Sep 092011

Today I added a page of what I know so far about my paternal grandfather, William Inhoff, who came as a 14 year old from Germany to Hardin County, Ohio.  In searching the ship’s list of passengers, I can’t find any family names that I recognize.  Could he have come alone?    I believe he came to Ohio to be with his aunt’s family.  From all that I have collected I am thinking that his home may have been in Schluechtern area of Hesse, northeast of Frankfort, Germany.

Last night I Googled on one of the related family names: Leibold in Hardin County.  I came across a book called Linking rings: William W. Durbin and the magic and mystery of America, by James D. Robenalt in 2004.   Only snippets were visible – but they proved interesting.  William Durbin’s mother was Margaret Leibold, b 1833 in Hintersteinau in Hesse.   Now to find a copy of the book!

William Andrew Inhoff (1877-1918) – Searching for His Family


Looking for the Family of William Andrew Inhoff, focusing on Hardin County, Ohio to find his German roots

I believe that he, or at least some of his family may have come from Hesse, perhaps in the area of Fulda, possibly in the area of Freinensteinau (Reinhards)  (see maps).  For discussion of why I am focusing on this area, please read the following:

My grandfather, William Andrew Inhoff

  • Born 24 Jul 1877 in Germany (DC)
  • Married 11 Apr 1906 in Kenton, Hardin, OH (MR)
  • Died 22 Dec 1918 in Lima, Allen, OH (DC)
  • Parents:  John Inhoff, Mary Resch (MR)
  • Immigrated – entered US Baltimore 27 May 1891, SS Gera – arrived from Bremen, almost 14, laborer, from Prussia to Ohio
  • Naturalized-Hardin County, Ohio 28 Oct 1896
  • Buried in Kenton, Ohio in same plot as Milton Leibold d 1933 and John Resch, d. 1916 (view cemetery pictures and discussion)

Milton Leibold

  • Born 16 Dec 1850
  • Married Katharena Resch 3 Jan 1886 in Kenton,Hardin,OH, Clergyman wrote Melchior Leipold
  • Naturalization (int 1 Apr 1876)  1 Oct 1878
  • Died 18 May 1933, Kenton, Hardin, OH

Katharena Resch  (wife of Milton Leibold)

  • Born 4 July 1862 in Germany
  • Died 21 Feb 1931 in Kenton, Hardin, OH
  • Obit refers to one brother, John Imhoff of Germany (I presume this was a brother-in-law)

My working hypothesis is that Katharena Resch Leibold was a sister of Mary Resch, mother of William Inhoff.

William  Inhoff  is buried in the same plot as Milton and Catherine (Katherena).   Also in same plot is John Resch.  (William’s mother’s name was Mary Resch.)

John Resch (1846-1916)

  • Born 27 Jan 1846– Germany
  • Father – Conrad Resch
  • Married Katherine Libold 15 Jul 1875 Hardin, OH
  • Naturalized 26 Mar 1879 Hardin OHIntention 6 Nov 1876
  • Died 3 Jan 1916 Kenton, Hardin, OH
  • Buried in same plot as Milton Leibold and William Inhoff

To make it interesting, John Resch married a Catherine Libold!

Katherine Libold Resch (1853-1910)

  • Born 3 Sep 1853– Germany
  • Father – Henry Lybold
  • Died 23 Dec 1910 Hardin, OH

In searching resources in Hardin County, Ohio, I have visited (and am a member of) the Hardin County Genealogy Society.   I have also found a helpful website by Sue Foster, Oberkahlbach, Hessen, Germany-Village of My Berthold and Ullrich Ancestors.   Sue has been very helpful in sharing information from the St. Johns Lutheran Church in Kenton, Hardin, Ohio.  Among these early records are a marriage record of a Nicholas Link and Maria Resch, both of Reinhards, County Schluechtern, Hessen-Kassel, Germany.

Having searched census records in Hardin County from 1850 – 1900, I found only a couple of Resch and Leibold (Libold, Leipoldt, etc) families   Thus, lacking other directions my focus is on this part of Germany.

Margaret Leibold, born 1833 in Hintersteinau, Germany – see this post about this Leibold family in early Hardin County, Ohio