Looking for William Inhoff’s Birthplace – Maps

One of my Continuing Quests is to find the birthplace of my grandfather, William Andrew Inhoff,  (1877 – 1918) – see this page for details.

For the reasons outlined, I am focusing my search at this point on an area between Frankfurt and Fulda in Hesse in Germany.


The distance from Frankfurt to Fulda is about 50-60 […]

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Searching for William Andrew Inhoff

Today I added a page of what I know so far about my paternal grandfather, William Inhoff, who came as a 14 year old from Germany to Hardin County, Ohio.  In searching the ship’s list of passengers, I can’t find any family names that I recognize.  Could he have come alone?    I believe he […]

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William Andrew Inhoff (1877-1918) – Searching for His Family

Looking for the Family of William Andrew Inhoff, focusing on Hardin County, Ohio to find his German roots

I believe that he, or at least some of his family may have come from Hesse, perhaps in the area of Fulda, possibly in the area of Freinensteinau (Reinhards)  (see maps).  For discussion of why I am focusing […]

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