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Emma Jenkins died in Guilford, Maine on August 24, 1932 at the age of 76.  What I find sad about this obituary is what it doesn’t say:  anything about her first husband, John Frank Templeton and their two sons, Hermon Orman (b. 1874)  and Fred Frank (b. 1876).

Her first husband died in 1879, leaving her with two sons 5 and 3.   From the Templeton side of this family we do not know much about what happened to Emma in the next 53 years.  By 1880 Fred went to live with his aunt and uncle; Hermon with their aunt’s parents.

For more about the search for the rest of this story of Emma Sears Jenkins click here.

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Sep 282011

While I grew up thirty miles away in Lima,  my family search takes me to Hardin County, Ohio where both sets of my grandparents were married.


Frank Kimble and Clara Goddard
18 May 1892

Frank Kimble and Clara Goddard were married on 18 May 1892 in Ada, Ohio.   Like so many Americans of that era, Frank was a farmer, plowing his rich 40 acres with a mule.   It would be more than 35 years before electricity came to their farm.

Frank and Clara had six children: Ethel, Roy, Avery, Marcellus (Ted), Cora and Anna, my mother.

Frank kept a diary, which I have had the privilege of reading.   Neighbors helped neighbors harvest, build barns and split wood.  Along with their neighbors Frank and Clara did their part in supporting the one room school house and the Sugar Grove Methodist Church.

Frank and Clara Kimble 50th Anniversary

This picture is from their 50th wedding anniversary, celebrated surrounded by family and freinds.   Frank Kimble died on 16 Jan 1948.  Clara died on 28 Feb 1954.  They are buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Ada, Ohio.

As I research my family stories in Hardin County, I appreciate the hard working volunteers at the Hardin County Genealogy Society, who have rescued many records from the dumpsters and have expanded their office to house their growing collection.