Sep 162012
WM Sears Will

On our recent visit to the Moosehead Lake area of Maine, I located the will of William Sears, father of Emily Sears Templeton, and my wife’s great-great grandfather.  The  will was executed in 1885, about three years before his death.   William left eight of his nine surviving children one dollar each.  The tenth child, Melinda, died in 1882.   The remainder of his estate he left to son, Charles H Sears in trust for his wife Edith.   Charles was also entrusted with the care of the two minor children, Allen and Hiram, until they reached the age of 21.  Charles died in 1890, providing some context for his mother’s marriage the following year to William Huff.

William died in 1888 and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Willimantic, Piscataquis, Maine.   His tombstone gives his birth year as 1810, although his census records imply a birthdate in the 1820’s.   His census records along with those of many of his children list his birthplace as Maine.  However, some of his children’s later census records list his birthplace as Canada English.   I have not found any information about him prior to the 1860 census.

The most significant fact from this document for our family research is the listing of daughter, Emily Templeton, confirming that this is our Emily’s family and that she had not remarried as of 1885.


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  1. William Sears was my great great grandfather. We are decended from his son Albert Freeman Sears. we have been trying to find information on him also. Town records give his age as 78 years at the time of his death in 1888, but his place of birth is listed as Princeton, Me., New Brunswick. Montreal? My great grandfather’s death cert lists his birth place as Princeton, Me. I never heard my grandfather mention Canada until right before he died, when he said some of the family came from there. His sister (y great aunt Edith had done a lot of research on his family, even going to Canada where she met people who knew the Sears family. But that had to be 60 years ago and all her files disappeared when her apartment was cleaned out. we know she told our grandfather, unfortuantly he died before we learned anything.Although Montreal sounds right. A lot of her information came from her father Albert Sears. William Sears’ son. there is a cemetary in Monson on a hill that has a lot of Sears buried there. Next June I plan on taking a ride up there, haven’t been there in many years. Albert Sears moved to Waldoboro, maine in 1899 and is buried there.

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