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Along a country road just a few files north of Sackville, New Brunswick, lies the Midgic Cemetery, the burial place for many members of the Estabrooks family, including Silas and Elizabeth.

Silas and Elizabeth Estabrooks, Midgic Cemetery, New Brunswick

Silas Estabrooks, a farmer, was born in this area in 1811 and died February 20, 1895.  His great grandfather, William Estabrooks, came to Canada from Rhode Island as a young boy with his mother and step father.

Elizabeth Trerice Estabrooks was born in 1817, daughter of Elisha Trerice and Anna. Elizabeth’s great-great grandparents, Samuel Porter and Remember Makepeace came to Nova Scotia from Lebanon, CT in 1761, part of the New England Planters (see description.)

Silas and Elizabeth’s daughter, Matilda Jane Estabrooks was the mother of Angie Stiles, Ruth’s grandmother.

Midgic Cemetery, north of Sackville in eastern New Brunswick

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