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Job Lane (1689-1762)

   On a sunny August Sunday afternoon in 2008, Ruth and I visited a home first built by Ruth’s 7thgreat-grandfather, Job Lane (1689-1762).   Located on the Old North Road, just north of

Job Lane House
Bedford, MA

Bedford,  Massachusetts, the home was built by Job Lane for his bride, Martha Ruggles at the time of their wedding in 1713.  Maintained by the Bedford Historical Society, the home is open for tours one Sunday each month.  The original home was from the front door to the right.  The left portion of the home was built more than one hundred years later.

The property for the home was part of a larger 1,500 acre parcel which Job Lane’s grandfather, Job Lane (1620 – 1697) was given as payment for building a home for the grandson of Governor Winthrop in New London, CT in 1664.

The house is maintained by Friends of the Job Lane House.  More information and hours for tours can be found here.   You can also find them on Facebook.  The Bedford Historical Society also maintains an extensive list of historical papers from the Lane family that can be viewed at

Job Lane’s son – Job Lane Jr. (1718-1796) was a private in the Bedford Company that marched to Concord on April 19, 1775 to defend against the attack by the British troops.  Hit in the leg by a musket ball, Job Lane served only one day, but was a part of that historical step in our nation’s history.  His wound left him crippled; some reports say that his leg was amputated.   Fortunately he survived for another twenty-one years to see the fruits of the struggles – the birth of our new nation.

Job Lane. Jr’s great granddaughter, Abigail Kittredge Richardson, was the grandmother of George Rogers Wales. The line: George Wales; Susan Howard Rogers; Abigail Kittredge Richardson; Hannah Bacon; Hannah Lane; Job Lane, Jr; Job Lane.  Many of these families are found back to the earliest of English days in towns such as Woburn and Billerica, MA.

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  1. I too am an ancestor of Job/John Lane. I was just wondering what line Ruth follows. I am having a problem tracing ONE ancestor (Maurice Taylor Lane). Maybe Ruth is on the same line.
    My line is:
    Job Lane born Lancashire England about 1620 – 8/23/1697 married Hannah Rayner (second marriage) 7/2/1660
    John Lane 10/1661 – 1/17/1714 married Suzanna Whipple 3/20/1681
    Job Lane – born Billerica, MA 6/22/1689 – 8/9/1762 married Martha Ruggles 12/16/1713
    John Lane – born Billerica, MA 10/2/1720 – 12/7/1789 married Ruth Bowman Lane 2/13/1745
    Ziba Lane – born Billerica, MA 7/5/1756 – 8/25/1807 married Lyndia Danforth 4/1/1778
    Francis Bowman Lane – Born Billerica 9/24/1787 – 3/1/1849 married Roxinda Parlin 2/21/1808
    Charles Bowman Lane – born Weld, Maine 12/17/1810 – 1/17/1869 married Amy Jane Taylor
    Maurice Taylor Lane – born Middleport, NY July 1846 – ? married Irene Elizabeth Britton 9/13/1871

  2. Today, Carol (Lane) Guay came to visit us at the Job Lane Farm Museum, 295 North Road, in Bedford, MA. It was nice to look at the listing of her ancestors, and we are delighted to have her a direct descendant of Ziba Lane visit us. Ziba lived in this house.
    Please visit our website,

  3. The Job Lane Farm Museum is owned by the Town of Bedford, MA, and the house tours and events are the work of the Friends of the Job Lane House, Inc. The Friends raised the money and built the post and beam barn, with the Bedford Rotary Club that represents the 1720’s. Our timber framer is Tom Musco of Royalston Oak, Royalston, MA.

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