“The Biographical Notes of Nana”


We recently had the opportunity to look through a drawer of  “memories” during a recent visit with Ruth’s uncle.   One of the treasures was a spiral notebook written by Ruth’s great grandmother, Mabel Louise Hervey (1863-1960), wife of George Rogers Wales and mother of Susan Hervey Wales Rollason.

Mabel was born to  Rev. John Easton Gifford and Catherine Augusta Jenner on 1 December 1863 in what is now Bournedale, Barnstable, MA.   Her birth name was Adelaide Frances Gifford.  We know that her birth mother was ill and hospitalized for many years.   “Biographical Notes of Nana” gives us a few insights about this time, as well as her adoptive family, Abraham Hervey and Elizabeth Boynton along with her adult years and family.

After reading the journal I wonder if this is something she wrote following the death of her husband, George Rogers Wales, in 1922.   After 1922 there are only four entries, all of which display a somewhat different style from the earlier ones.

Click on the image below to go to the Journal or click on the link to the index.  Scroll down to the bottom as you read each page.   At the bottom of the page are arrows to take you forward or back to the next (or previous) page.   Some editorial notes were made by her son, John Wales (1892-1988).

Journal of Mable Louise Hervey

Journal of Mable Louise Hervey





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